Studio 11:11 / T3 Studios

This is a shared studio space for photographers to rent monthly access. Lighting equipment is included in use. It is a clean, creative, and casual environment for photographers to practice their skill. The studio is located just minutes from downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Space For Rent!!

Studio Guidelines:

$125/mo Unlimited 24/7 Access

2 Photographers can schedule at same time
(This is a shared space, please be respectful)

4hr Max time slot booking
Please follow this, if no one else is there, keep shooting, but if others are using studio, please be respectful of time
(We need to make sure there is fair use of the studio)

Book all shoots on Calendar

Key to main building, Key Code to studio
(Giving away key or sharing access code will result in loss of membership and no refund, $20 replacement fee for any lost key)

Membership Fees are for your access only
(No, another photographer can not come shoot with you)

First type of shoot on calendar takes priority
(If a family is booked, do not overlap with a model and vice versa, same with minors and 18+, Label shoot type when placing on calendar, do not lie about this to try to cheat the system)

Access to Einstein Lighting and modifiers comes with studio

When finished with Lights/Modifiers, please put back/hang up

Last photographer to leave must turn off all 4 breakers on electrical box and close door tightly

This is not a place to have clients and/or friends to come check out/hang out, It is a clean safe environment to schedule a shoot, show up, shoot, and continue on

Thank you, If you have any questions or concerns, Please contact Tony Teresi @ 937.499.0099

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